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May 7, 2012

»Naruto Version 2

I finally got a chance to make a proper layout for Naruto, and the site is now skinnable :3 Version 2 features a blend of images featuring Shippuden!Naruto set against his beloved Konoha village ♥ The design came out pretty earthy and peaceful, which is a nice change from his usual fun-loving prankster image X3

April 16, 2012

»Naruto New Site

I recently adopted the fanlisting for the anime/manga series Naruto ♥ It is an unforgettable story about friendship and fighting for what you believe in, and I wanted the first design to reflect this. It features Team 7 from the early days when things were more simple, and I used lots of bright colors to give it a fun and fresh feel ♪

February 25, 2012

» Network Rebirth Part 2

LIGHTNING.NU is mine~ ♥

I couldn't resist when I saw that this domain was suddenly available :3 So change of plans: will revert back to being a dedicated anime/manga collective while becomes my main domain. The domain is not up yet, but I've moved out the network pages.

January 6, 2012

» Network rebirth

I recently let go of my personal domain, is now the main domain of my network, and I rewrote most of the content here to reflect this.

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