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December 29, 2014

»Sasuke & Sakura New Site

I can't believe I finally have my Naruto OTP, Sasuke & Sakura ♥ This pairing is one of my oldest and dearest OTP, and I am in fangirl heaven that SasuSaku is finally canon! SasuSaku graced's first layout back in 2005, and I ended up using the same image for part of the design in the fanlisting ♪ The design is dreamy yet fierce, blending the best of the past and future ★

November 12, 2014

»Yuugiou New Site

I am on cloud nine over the adoption of the anime/manga series, Yuugiou ♥ It is a story of a boy who gains the strength to overcome darkness with the help of his friends ★ The layout is adventurous and features our fearless duelists battling in a destined duel ♪

This series has an extra special place in my heart as it brought me into the world of webdesign and fanlistings~ X3 It began in July 2003 when I opened my Yuugiou fansite, Strawberry Fantasy ♥ I eventually discovered TFL and built my first fanlisting for my Yuugiou OTP, Seto & Shizuka ♥ This series turned me into a webmistress and fanlisting owner~ X3

August 17, 2014

»Eren & Levi New Site

My newest OTP is Eren & Levi from the anime/manga series, Shingeki no Kyojin ♥ Once I discovered the EreRi doujinshi, there was no turning back X3 The design is cool and mysterious, featuring our brave soldiers ready to fight for humanity's freedom ☆

July 30, 2014

»Merupuri New Site

I am so happy to present the fanlisting for the shoujo manga series, Merupuri, which I recently adopted ♥ It is a fairytale love story about a girl who meets a young prince from a magical kingdom ♪ The design is super fluffy and romantic, just like their love story ♥

May 31, 2014

»MMPPP New Site

The fanlisting for the super adorable shoujo anime/manga series, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is open ♥ The story is about young mermaid princesses who have the power to defeat evil by transforming into singing idols ♪ The design is fun and playful, just like our mermaid heroines ♥

April 6, 2014

»Kamina New Site

I recently adopted the fanlisting for Kamina from the anime/manga series, Tengen Toppa Guurren Lagann ♥ He is the fearless rebel warrior who sparks humanity's rise to the heavens. The design features our hero against the fading night sky as he prepares for a new day of glory ★

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