Version 3: Lullaby ~our love will become eternal~
Featuring: Kuran Kaname, Cross Yuuki, and Kiryu Zero (Vampire Knight)
Displayed: May 19, 2020 ~ present

For the domain's 15th anniversary, I wanted a dreamy and romantic theme and chose to feature my favorite angsty love triangle: Kaname, Yuuki, and Zero from the anime series Vampire Knight ♥ The network name Lovely♥Romance Network was inspired from a Hino Matsuri work, and it was about time I featured one of her series on this domain.

The theme our love will become eternal is inspired from the anime's opening theme song, Rondo. Although I ship Kaname/Yuuki, I do appreciate the pure and enduring love that both boys have for the heroine ♥ And I hope to celebrate love and eternity with for many more years to come ♥

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