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Version Two:: Someday I'll show you a shining world
Featuring: Yagami Light (Death Note)
Displayed: July 18, 2007 ~ present

Version 2 of features Yagami Light from the anime series Death Note

I chose Someday I'll show you a shining world as the theme, because I think it fits Light's godlike philosophy perfectly~ :3 It comes from a line from the opening theme entitled The World by J-rock band Nightmare

This design was full of unexpected surprises~ I told myself never to do a dark layout on (fluffy layouts only, plz! XD), and then I go and break that rule on only the second layout XD;; But the dark background looked so cool and fitting for Light :3 I also have to admit that while I do ship Light/L, the fact that L appears on the layout is purely by chance! XD It was supposed to be just a Light layout, but L just happened to be in the right spot to be included on the layout XD; But I'm glad it turned out this way, because the design feels more complete with the two together X3~

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