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The Beginning

In July 2003, I opened my very first site, Strawberry Fantasy, a fansite dedicated to my favorite anime series, Yuugiou ♥ It was hosted on various free webhosting sites back then, and I fell in love with the whole webdesign experience ★

Then I discovered the addicting world of fanlistings. I created my first fanlisting in December 2003, dedicated to my favorite Yuugiou pairing, Seto & Shizuka ♥ My network began to grow quickly, and I dreamed of having a nice, big home for all my sites - one in which I wasn't limited by bandwidth caps or disruptive ads. So I finally made the leap into paid hosting and bought my first domain in April 2004.

As my love for anime continued to grow, the number of sites I ran multiplied like crazy, and my first domain was starting to feel a little overcrowded. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to get a new domain ♪ Luckily, my wishlist domain was available ★

ICHIGO.NU was registered on May 25, 2005. This domain serves as my anime collective, and houses all anime-related sites ♪

I have since bought more domains ( & but remains my most dearest and favorite of them all ♥

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