In July 2003, I fell in love with the whole webdesign experience when I opened my very first site, Strawberry Fantasy, a fansite dedicated to my favorite anime series, Yuugiou ♥ I soon discovered the addicting world of fanlistings and created my first one for my favorite Yuugiou pairing, Seto & Shizuka, in December 2003 ♥

My network quickly began to grow, and I dreamed of having a nice big home for all my sites. I made the leap into paid hosting and bought my first domain in April 2004, cradle-robber.net. As my love for anime continued to grow, the number of sites I ran multiplied like crazy and my domain was starting to feel overcrowded.

ICHIGO.NU was registered on May 25, 2005. This domain serves as my anime collective, and houses all anime-related sites. My network has since grown with the addition of hatsukoi.org and lightning.nu



→ Japanese word for strawberry
→ Sexy bishounen from Bleach

I always wanted a .nu domain and I learned from my first domain to never again get a long domain name. So my requirements for the new domain name were simply that the name be short and named after a bishounen ♥

...and Ichigo.nu met all my requirements :3 It is named after Kurosaki Ichigo, my hero from the anime series, Bleach ♥ I also love strawberries, and used to attach the word strawberry to everything back in the days - my email, screen names, and even my first site XD So it seemed like fate that ichigo was available for me ★

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