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→ Japanese word for strawberry
→ Sexy bishounen from Bleach

I always wanted a .nu domain, but they are quite expensive so I never thought about seriously getting them. But after entering the workforce, it dawned on me that I could now afford to get the .nu domain without going broke XD!

I learned from my first domain to never again get a long domain name, so my requirements for the new domain name were simply that the name be short and named after a bishounen ♥

...and met all my requirements :3 It is named after Kurosaki Ichigo, my hero from the anime series, Bleach ♥ I also love strawberries, and used to attach the word strawberry to everything back in the days - my email, screen names... I even named my first site Strawberry Fantasy (2003)! So it seemed like fate that ichigo was available for me ★

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