Strawberry Fantasy Strawberry Fantasy
Yuugiou Shrine
July 11, 2003 ~ July 11, 2005

Yuugiou was my first fandom, and Strawberry Fantasy was my very first site ♥ You know how every webmaster has that one amazing site that they are most known for? For me, this was it back in the days X3 I had so much fun and met a lot of awesome friends through this site.

SF began as a general shrine to the series, but one section of my site grew popular with visitors: the shipping section, where I paired up characters and wrote my fangirly thoughts about them. It was just a little place where I could ramble over my favorite pairings, but I got many positive feedback about adding more couples, and it eventually became the shrine's main focus.

With the end of the series, I moved on to new fandoms and lost interest in updating the site. I didn't have the heart to close the site so I made the decision to leave it intact on a permanent hiatus. It's a bit embarrassing to leave it open since my webdesign skills and maturity have improved a lot since those early days XD, but it serves as a good trip down memory lane.

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