Welcome to ICHIGO.NU, the anime collective of the LovelyRomance Network. My name is Annie, and this is my little home on the web since May 2005. Here you will find sites I've made for the things I love ♥ Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay ♪

For the domain's 15th anniversary in 2020, I wanted a dreamy and romantic theme and chose to feature my favorite angsty love triangle: Kaname, Yuuki, and Zero from the anime series Vampire Knight. The theme our love will become eternal is inspired from the anime's opening theme song, and I hope to celebrate love and eternity with ichigo.nu for many more years to come ♥

Naruto: Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight

February 27, 2021
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