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November 14, 2020

»Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Version 2

Version 2 Divine Wind features Maron and Jeanne from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne in a celestial theme. I wanted a colorful and heavenly design that would take your breath away, and I love this image of the girls standing ready to protect the world ♥

September 7, 2020

»Anime Version 2

The Anime fanlisting is now skinned! Version 2 Hero Cafe features an epic crossover of popular shounen series in a dreamy and playful design inspired by fantasy. Imagine being able to eat ramen with all your favorite heroes ♥

August 26, 2020

»Seto & Shizuka Version 8

Version 8 Rakuen features Seto & Shizuka from Yuugiou in a dreamy sky blue theme ♥ I wanted a shiny and fresh redesign of the infamous blimp scene for my original OTP ♥

August 17, 2020

»Kiniro no Corda Version 4 & 5

I added two new skins to Kiniro no Corda because I couldn't decide which image I loved more XD Version 4 School Days features a warm and fluffy design, and Version 5 Harmonia features a colorful and playful design inspired by music ♪

May 19, 2020

»Ichigo.nu Happy 15th Birthday & New Layout

Happy 15th Birthday, ICHIGO.NU ♥

Happy 15th birthday, Ichigo.nu ♥ In celebration, I made a shiny new design: Version 3 featuring Kaname, Yuuki, and Zero from the anime/manga series Vampire Knight ♥ My love for this domain only grows stronger with each passing year ♪

    Content: Updated and rewrote each page of my domain
    Network: Revamped and reorganized my Fansites page

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