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October 21, 2006

»Nana Music New Site

The fanlisting for Nana: Music of is open ♥ After a few failed layouts attempts using anime images, I finally gave up and went with manga images ^^; Those happy images of Nana and Hachi always stuck with me, and it ended up super girly XD

August 30, 2006

»Trapnest New Site

The fanlisting for Trapnest (Nana), my favorite fictional rock band, is up :D I love their cool and mysterious rockstar image, and tried to create a layout that reflects this.

May 23, 2006

»Sesshoumaru New Site

Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), the sexy and dangerous anti-hero, is my newest baby ♥ I was extremely lucky to be able to adopt this fanlisting, and I've begun to shrinify the site with some content :3 There are two skins, featuring an anime and manga version ★

February 21, 2006

»Kaname & Yuki New Site

For over a year, I held back on making a site for this angsty and cute OTP, Kaname & Yuki (Vampire Knight), but I finally cracked thanks to a recent chapter XD; The relationship between these two is so sweet and mysterious, and I wanted to highlight their dark/light roles by boldly contrasting black and white :3

February 11, 2006

»Full Metal Panic New Site

Full Metal Panic, the hilarious action and adventure series, is up ♥ I was torn over making a crack or serious layout, and serious won out with this cool scene featuring the hero and heroine, Sosuke & Kaname :D I did my best to make everything look technical XD

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