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November 17, 2007

»Tsukimori & Hino New Site

Adding to my never-ending shiny OTP circle, my newest fanlisting for the relationship between Tsukimori & Hino (La Corda d'oro) is up ♥ Since I already own the series, I held back from applying for this for so long, but I finally cracked XD; I blame my doujinshis :3

Speaking of, I also got approved to cross-list the series into TFL, so I gave the fanlisting a new game-themed skin ♥

September 21, 2007

»Chiaki & Maron Version 3

My vacation is over and I'm busy with school again~ D: Luckily, someone did all the work for my next revamp :3 Version 3's gorgeous new layout at the Chiaki & Maron (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) fanlisting was created by my little sister, Rainie-chan ♥!

July 18, 2007

» Domain Version 2

Finally! I proudly present the new design on, featuring the insanely brilliant genius, Yagami Light from Death Note ♥ Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to update anything else on the domain because I'm off to Japan for summer vacation~! Actually, I should be packing right now! X_X

July 10, 2007

»La Corda d'Oro Version 2

I present version 2 of one of my dear series, the La Corda d'Oro fanlisting. Because pretty boys in neckties = inspired!Annie XD

June 22, 2007

»Maron New Site

My first new anime site in 8 months! I adopted the fanlisting for Kusakabe Maron (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne), the strong and beautiful phantom thief ♥ The layout is girly and cute, which suits her best XD

May 30, 2007

» 2nd Birthday!

いや~~ It's been a while since I updated the actual domain! celebrated its 2 year birthday this past week ♥, and I forgot to renew the domain. *headdesk* The domain was down for a couple of days, but everything's good now :D I will be revamping the domain sometime in the next month or so, so please look forward to it! ♥

May 17, 2007

»Inuyasha Music Version 4

The Inu Yasha: Music of fanlisting has a new layout~ Version 4 features the other main characters, Miroku & Sango, in a sweet and relaxing scene~ just in time for summer! ♥ I also added a bunch of new codes :D

March 27, 2007

»Atemu Version 5

A shiny new revamp for the Atemu (Yuugiou) fanlisting ♥ I enjoy making new layouts for Atemu solely for the animated duel disk effect XD For version 5, I was trying to go for a cool style, but it ended up a little fruity XD;

February 20, 2007

»Akatsuki Version 2

Akatsuki, the baddest bad boys from Naruto, got its second layout, as well as a bunch of new codes :D This is one of the few sites that I attempt to get artsy on, because they're just a nerdy bunch of art geeks so passionate about their art ♥

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