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May 8, 2022

»Kuran Kaname New site

The fanlisting for Kuran Kaname from the anime/manga series Vampire Knight is open ♥ He may be a fearsome Pureblood vampire, but the warm and gentle way he smiled at the girl he loved always melted my heart ♥ I wanted a dark and sultry design fit for a king X3

February 7, 2022

»Bleach New site

The Bleach fanlisting is open ♥ The story follows the adventures of Kurosaki Ichigo as he unexpectedly gains the temporary powers of a shinigami in a desperate wish to protect his family. The hero of this series has an extra special place in my heart and was the inspiration behind this domain name ♥ I wanted to show these rockstars in all their blazing glory and went for an edgy and cool design ♪

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